About Hinz

I am a multi-disciplinary Designer and Art Director with over a decade of experience. I also happen to be a new media artist, which adds a unique dimension to my creative palette.

During my career, I’ve had the privilege of quietly accumulating a collection of prestigious design awards, such as the Red Dot Award, The One Show Design Award, Good Design Award (Japan), HKDA Global Design Award, and the Design for Asia Awards, among others.

While my main focus lies in communications design and brand building, I don’t like to limit my creative endeavors. My experience is quite diverse, ranging from brand identity and UX/UI projects to web design, social design, creating graphics t-shirts, building public furniture, launching pet house on Kickstarter, and even dropping NFTs in the web3 universe.

Startup journey

News clipping of SCMP interview, Jessica Lam and Hinz Pak (from left to right)

Aside from my creative work, I’ve also gained valuable entrepreneurial experience. I co-founded and served as the Creative Partner of Jou Sun, an online grocery startup in Hong Kong, from 2014 to 2023. This hands-on experience has enriched my perspective, expanding my skill set to include expertise in the strategic placement of Facebook and Google Ads, as well as a deep understanding of Google Analytics and the crucial role of SEO in optimizing e-commerce performance.

This hands-on experience has provided me with a well-rounded perspective, bridging the creative and business aspects of brand development, making me more than just a designer.

Design and Society

One of the most cherished chapters in my creative journey is the “Hack-A-Bench” project. It embodies the core values of design to foster connections and drive positive change in society. In this unique project, the design process revolved around engaging the community and neighbourhood, demonstrating the power of collaboration in creating meaningful urban spaces.

Photo of Hinz Pak and Dylan Kwok (from left to right) | πŸ”— HK01 Interview

Beyond this, I’ve committed my creative juice and experience to partnering with NGOs and social enterprises. In these collaborative projects, I’ve immersed myself in their narratives, translating their missions into distinctive brand identities and strategic positions. My objective is to facilitate effective communication of their purpose, contributing to the ongoing betterment of our society.

About Hinz & Kunz

It’s not uncommon for people to assume it’s the creative studio of two individuals and wonder, “Who is Kunz?” The truth behind the name is rooted in its German origins. In German, “Hinz und Kunz” translates to “everyone”. This choice of name reflects my core belief in collaboration throughout the creative process.

When it comes to crafting brands and developing websites, I seldom work in isolation. I collaborate with various professionals, including artists, programmers, architects, researchers, and writers. This collaborative approach ensures that each project is meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and visions of different clients.

So, in essence, “Kunz” represents the collective of creative partners who join me on this artistic journey. The name “Hinz and Kunz” embodies the spirit of inclusivity and collaboration, emphasizing that every project is a collective effort, a synergy of creative minds working harmoniously to bring ideas to life.

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