Who is Kunz?


Hinz and Kunz, to be accurate “Hinz und Kunz”, and in full “Heinrich und Konrad” is a German synonym for “everyone”, which Hinz was told by his German friends when he was in New Zealand. Since design is for everyone, he names his studio Hinz & Kunz.

As a Hong Kong based creative studio, his major disciplines include branding & identity, advertising, art direction and digital communications, focusing on storytelling for startups, social enterprises and any creative possibilities.

Who is Hinz?

Hinz is a Multi-­disciplinary designer and storyteller, born to be curious and passion for brand communications and digital interactivity.

With a dynamic education background from business to fine art, together with 7+ years from international 4As to branding agencies, he has developed his own perspective and philosophy on brand positioning to art directions, understanding hands-­on design plus programming to printing process. He is devoted in brand storytelling, believing in creativity without boundary.

Hinz is also one of the co-founders of Jou Sun 早晨, a hybrid of online groceries selection with offline housewives shopping service, which hires local housewives helping to select and hand-pick the freshness from the wet market.