Ferry Street

Iconic Symbol: The Hong Kong Ferry

At the heart of Ferry Street’s brand identity is the iconic image of the Hong Kong ferry, a symbol deeply rooted in the city’s history and spirit. The brand embraces this emblematic ferry as its logo, a nod to the city’s maritime heritage and the cherished tradition of traveling across Victoria Harbour. With every detail meticulously designed to capture the neon-lit streets and bustling energy of Hong Kong, Ferry Street brings an electrifying slice of this vibrant city to every guest, ensuring that a visit to this restaurant is a journey through the heart and soul of Hong Kong’s iconic culture and nightlife.

Sailing Through the Neon Glow

Ferry Street, a vibrant chain restaurant, dances to the rhythm of Hong Kong’s heartbeat. It’s a celebration of the city’s vibrant vibes, with a heroic neon light signs wall. Stepping into Ferry Street is like stepping into a world where Hong Kong’s luminous signs and bustling energy come to life. The brand’s essence encapsulates the vivid essence of the city, inviting guests to embark on a sensory journey that pays homage to Hong Kong culture.

Interior design by Groundwork Architect