ASMR New media art

Rota: A Journey into Nothingness

This immersive new media artwork delves into the concept of “nothingness,” offering an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) experience using motors and canvas.

Through “Rota,” audiences find themselves entranced by the repetitive spin-and-stop motion, accompanied by beeping sounds. The spinning machine offers a fresh canvas every second. This sensory experience transforms the space into a sanctuary for meditation, isolating the audience from the external world and providing a respite from reality. This installation is meditation and retreat, guiding audiences to detach from the complexities and burdens of daily existence. Rota articulates the essence of “nothingness” through the fusion of digital control and physical randomness.

Visitors are invited to record their moment of nothingness with putting stickers on postcard.

Artist: Hinz
Assistant: UUendy Lau
Rota is part of the exhibition of Singapural 2016 in Singapore Design Festival.


Stop motion of the making of Rota

Before Rota

Rota is the continuation of the Canvas 2.0 which was exhibited in Hong Kong Fotanian Studio Opening 2011.