Chatalog UXUI optimization

The goal of this project is to understand the barriers and experiences of Chatalog’s clients and create a seamless journey for them. Through a meticulous design process, the UXUI is crafted to prioritize user engagement and satisfaction.

Conceptualizing and designing the user experience

Translating ideas into low-fidelity and high-fidelity UI designs using Figma, and preparing a comprehensive design system for seamless implementation by developers. By collaborating closely with the development team, the design system created was robust and scalable, allowing for the seamless integration of new features and enhancements.

A good UX isn’t just optimized for the customer. It also streamlines the workflow of the client.

Shaping the key features of Chatalog

By designing intuitive workflows and interfaces, the users are empowered to effortlessly automate their workflows, personalize customer interactions, and drive conversions. UX/UI designer has been instrumental in enhancing the usability, functionality, and overall user satisfaction of Chatalog, empowering businesses to leverage ChatGPT as their top salesperson and customer service officer 24/7 across multiple messaging channels.

Chatbot Creator Studio – a codeless and graphical interface for users to build their chatbot

Conversion optimization | Payment link

“Chat and Pay”: Include direct payment links to enable immediate conversion in overall messaging channels.

Automate a smooth transition from customer conversation to checkout and purchase conversion

Automated customer profiling | 360° Customer View

A unified story for each customer enables creating the customer a profile containing every message, label, campaign, and internal notes.

Auto tag and sort customers’ preferences through conversation to populate a potential customer database

Cross-platform broadcasting | Lead and sales generator

Personalize broadcasts and enable payments via chat to deliver a personalized message to the customers using targeting and smart labeling.

Blast messages across different platforms to reduce promotional time and effort