The Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres (HKFWC) is a women’s organization with a rich history since its inception in 1981. As a non-partisan and non-religious entity, HKFWC dedicates itself to addressing the concerns of grassroots women and advocating for gender equality through services, education, and advocacy.

HKFWC’s Journey in Rebranding

Rebranded logo applied in 2022
The original 1981 logo of “4 ladies around a table”

In the recent rebranding journey, the client would like to keep the original idea of the previous logo while capturing the evolving status and image of women in society. The goal is to breathe new life into the brand, infusing more depth into the existing logo’s simple shapes and enhancing the storytelling aspect by introducing a mascot.

Retaining the iconic “4 ladies” shapes from the original 1981 logo, each representing women of diverse ages, status, regions, and races, was crucial. The new logo inherits the essence of women’s symbols and the spirit of solidarity, utilizing smooth and clean lines to depict the interconnectedness of people. Beyond advocating for women’s rights, the revamped logo actively champions gender equality and empowerment. The fluid lines of the new design bring a sense of vitality and positive energy, symbolizing HKFWC’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and empowered community.

Four Stages of Symbolic Journey

Stage 1: At the core is one “person,” symbolizing Independence. Through education and social service, the association aspires for each participant to achieve independence in both ideology and financial standing.

Stage 2: Progressing to two “people,” the logo embodies Equality and Bonding. It reflects the association’s fundamental value of fostering connections between individuals, not just promoting mutual aid but fostering empathy.

Stage 3: Three “people” unite to form a community. Strengthening community participation and awareness, the association builds bridges between people from diverse backgrounds, regions, and sectors.

Stage 4: The culmination of four “people” tightly linked signifies Solidarity. Through empowerment, the association champions collaboration among different individuals and communities to propel gender empowerment forward.

The design of the new logo is inspired by the letter “W” in Women, ingeniously morphs into a symbol for “people,” embodying gender neutrality. Maintaining uniformity in shape and size, the logo boldly champions the core value of gender equality. Energized by a dynamic, “rolling” motion, the logo signifies the association’s proactive stance, propelling transformative change in individuals and communities towards a future of resilience and inclusivity.

Ambassador of HKFWC

Meet W Zai, the vibrant ambassador of HKFWC, set to join the association in 2022. Tasked with championing gender equality and empowerment, W Zai embodies a cheerful persona and positive outlook. Beyond her regular publicity duties, she ventures into diverse communities, exuding positive energy and offering assistance wherever she goes. Endowed with the unique superpower of shape-shifting, W Zai seamlessly transforms and duplicates herself, reaching multiple corners of the community to aid those in need. Her dynamic presence actively supports the association’s mission to propagate the message of equality.