/imagine cats series

Hidden dimensions within iconic canvases

In these two pieces, I would like to inviting the audiences to explore the interplay between the artist and the machine. In a world where precision and accuracy often blur, the output of AI is an abstract reflection of its “perception” of the artist’s prompts. By employing AI as a brushstroke of curiosity, the work embark on an exploration of the “What if?” realm, unearthing hidden dimensions within iconic canvases.

In both work, [imagine/ The Cats School of Athens] and [ imagine/ The Last Cats Supper], through the eyes of AI, these masterpieces are reshaped, reimagined, and reborn.

What if we were to view familiar compositions from an unfamiliar angle, or broaden our gaze by zooming out to encompass the broader narrative? Amid these artistic metamorphoses, a captivating truth emerges: While aspects change, echoes of the familiar persist, forging an extraordinary connection between the original and its AI-infused counterpart.

Ultimately, AI emerges as a imaginative lens, inviting artists and audiences to traverse parallel universes of creativity. Through this convergence of human and artificial insight, I would like to redefine artistic exploration, bridging the gaps between tradition and innovation, human and machine, known and uncharted.

Those works are available as print tee as well!

imagine/ The Last Cats Supper | Print tee
imagine/ The Cats School of Athens | Print tee