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About Jou Sun: Startup’s Mission and Goal

First office of Jou Sun, 2014

Started in 2014, Jou Sun, an online groceries startup, celebrates the spirit of Hong Kong’s bustling urban life and the rich culinary traditions. The name “Jou Sun,” Cantonese for “good morning,” encapsulates the essence of a new day, a fresh start, and the quest for the finest ingredients. In the heart of this bustling metropolis, the pursuit of the freshest meat, veggies, and local ingredients has traditionally meant an early morning visit to the wet market.

Media coverage, 2015

The startup envisioned a journey to make these morning market traditions accessible to all. Through the assistance of local housewives who share a passion for quality ingredients, Jou Sun meticulously selects the freshest produce and thoughtfully packs each order, ensuring that every item is as perfect as the morning sun. Jou Sun’s vision is to digitize Hong Kong’s local wet markets and usher this rich tradition into the modern era.

Brand and Identity

Full logo of Jou Sun, 2014
Jou Sun signage at Wanchai, Hong Kong, 2014
2C Pantone business card on craft paper card

The brand identity of Jou Sun draws inspiration from the vibrant signs that grace Hong Kong’s streets, effortlessly merging traditional Chinese calligraphy with contemporary English fonts. The legacy of the wet market’s iconic animals—the pig, the cow, and the lamb—holds a special place, reminiscent of a time when their prices were symbolically reported on radio broadcasts in old Hong Kong.

Central to Jou Sun’s identity stands the unmistakable red market lamp, a cherished symbol of heritage and a beacon of quality that echoes the authenticity of Hong Kong’s culinary spirit. Jou Sun is not merely an online grocery store; it serves as a gateway to the heart of the city’s traditions, where the freshness of the morning market awakens each day.

Co-founders of Jou Sun: Hinz, Jessica, Chris (from left to right)

Media coverage

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