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2014-2015 | Jousun.com on Shopify

Building on Shopify and Beyond

In 2014, the initial stages, Jou Sun embarked on a journey as a mobile-first web app, introducing customers to the convenience of accessing fresh groceries with shoppers and same-day delivery service. However, to meet growing demand, the brand needed to evolve beyond marketing tests. The challenge: crafting a unique e-commerce experience that would offer a wealth of products while maintaining a seamless UI and experience.

UI/UX Challenge: Multiple Products on Tiny Screens

One of Jou Sun’s primary design challenges revolved around maximizing the user interface and experience on both mobile and desktop screens. With limited real estate, the first version of JouSun.com had to be ingeniously tailored to provide customers with access to 3-6 product highlights right on the landing page. A rotating banner was strategically employed for cross-selling various products. The site categorized items by different shops and aisles and offered a search function to minimize customers’ time spent searching for the items they needed. Additionally, a streamlined, three-step checkout process was implemented to enhance the conversion rate.

Back-End Operations: The Shopper App

Efficiency in the back-end processes was imperative to handle the surge in orders that came with Jou Sun’s growth. To optimize the workflow for partners, such as local farmers, Jou Sun developed a shopper app to enhance the experience of picking and packing for the partners collaborating with Jou Sun. Once the customers finished the payment, the orders will be dispatched to different partners.

Strengthening Brand Identity of local freshness

As Jou Sun delved deeper into understanding its customers through interviews and research, a crucial realization emerged: the need to differentiate Jou Sun from other online markets and shopping websites that lacked a focus on fresh and local produce.

In response, Jou Sun introduced an informative introduction page. This page became a canvas for sharing Jou Sun’s unique story and for fortifying its brand identity within the realm of fresh grocery delivery. This was a realm where competitors were scarce. The landing page and overall user interface underwent a transformation to convey freshness, the charm of local produce, and the promise of a healthier lifestyle. This shift in the user experience, from merely displaying products to immersing customers in Jou Sun’s brand narrative, brought about a remarkable improvement in sales and the brand’s image from the customer’s perspective.

In summary, Jou Sun’s journey from marketing tests to a full-fledged e-commerce platform was marked by a commitment to creating a superior user interface and experience. The challenges were met with innovative solutions, a shopper app, and a renewed focus on storytelling and brand identity.

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