Lane Noodle

Lane Noodle 巷仔見麵館 storefront with signage

A Culinary Neighborhood Retreat

Lane Noodle 巷仔見麵館 is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary retreat rooted in the heart of the community. Our brand concept centers around the warm and welcoming feeling of a neighborhood where everyone feels at home, gathering around delicious bowls of noodles. It’s the spirit of community, comfort, and camaraderie that we wanted to convey.

A Visual Feast of Tradition and Local Flavor

The heart of our branding effort is the Lane Noodle logo, a carefully crafted masterpiece that tells a captivating story. Inspired by the traditional rooster noodle bowl from old Hong Kong, the logo symbolizes the authenticity of your cuisine. The rooster, known for its crowing at the break of dawn, reflects the welcoming spirit of the Lane Noodle community, always ready to greet visitors with open arms.

Animated traditional rooster of noodle bowl from old Hong Kong - Lane Noodle 巷仔見麵館

The typography is inspired by the shape of a lane, evoke the feeling of navigating a cozy neighborhood alley. This design element cleverly ties into the idea of finding hidden gems in the community. It beckons the customer to explore every corner of the menu, much like discovering hidden gems down an inviting lane.

Lane Noodle 巷仔見麵館 storefront typography