Retirement Redefined Viet St

Redefining Retirement: Viet Street by Gingko House

Viet Street is a vibrant social initiative under Gingko House, dedicated to providing jobs and opportunities to our treasured retirees. Faced with the initial challenge of overcoming the ‘old,’ ‘slow,’ and less lively image associated with other Gingko House establishments—where the majority of employees are aged above 60—Viet Street emerges as a dynamic haven, injecting fresh energy into the brand.

Breaking away from stereotypes, Viet Street is a celebration of life, culture, and the boundless energy that retirement can offer. The branding strategy is a playful and dynamic one, with handwritten calligraphy and a touch of childlike drawings infused into the logo, graphic elements, and typography. This intentional design choice not only transforms the brand aesthetics but also tells the compelling story of the spirited and joyous side of retirement.

Beyond providing a delightful dining experience, Viet Street becomes a beacon of change, challenging perceptions and showcasing the playfulness and fun embraced by its incredible team. Step into a world where every bite is infused with the flavors of joy, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of Hong Kong culture. Join us on this culinary journey that not only nourishes your palate but also feeds the soul.

Brand extension: Viet Street Express

Following the Success of Viet Street, Gingko House has decided to launch Viet Street Express serving just noodle and snacks.