Skye Passport menu

A Journey in Every Sip

Step into a world of cocktail exploration with Skye Passport, an extraordinary cocktail menu designed exclusively for Skye, the rooftop bar nestled atop Pullman Hotels and Resorts in Causeway Bay. This menu is not just a list of libations; it’s a passport to a global flavor journey. Skye Passport stands out with its unique recreation of a passport in size, texture, printing technique, and illustration style. This ingenious approach invites guests to embark on a visual and sensory adventure, making every cocktail order a new stamp in their own flavor passport.

Sipping at the Sky’s Edge

Perched on the rooftop with a breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, Skye Bar offers a tranquil haven akin to a sky-high journey. It’s a retreat that brings a sense of travel and relaxation to each visit. Skye Passport complements this ambiance with its collection of 12 cocktails, each inspired by a different country or city. But the magic doesn’t stop there; each page is adorned with distinctive illustrations and stamps, unfolding the captivating story behind each cocktail. As guests flip through the pages, they are transported to the heart of each destination, creating a vivid and imaginative anticipation of the flavors they are about to savor. Skye Passport transforms cocktail ordering into an immersive experience, making every sip a passport stamp on a global adventure.

Client: Pullman Hotels and Resorts