The morning Routine

Timeless Shaving, Timeless Joy

In the hustle of daily life, The Morning Routine emerges as a small yet remarkable project, a brainchild of Hinz, and Edmund (the creative minds behind Bathe to Basics). This brand is aim at redefine the shaving experience in Hong Kong, aiming to bring forth the very best in the world of shaving. At its heart lies the classic double-edge razor, a traditional and original promise in a superior shaving experience, lower blade costs, and a commitment to eco-friendliness through plastic-free blades. But it’s more than just a shaving tool; it’s a revival of that daily ritual that often goes unnoticed in the rush of mornings.

The Timepiece of Serene Shaving

The Morning Routine is an awakening, a call to reimagine the act of shaving as something more than a mundane chore. Its logo, animated like the hands of a clock, serves as a gentle reminder of the enjoyable moments that await within this daily ritual.

The brand invites us to savor the pure pleasure of shaving, elevating it to an art form with locally crafted shaving gel, aftershave, and the unparalleled smoothness of double-edge razors. In this quest, The Morning Routine transcends mere grooming; it’s about infusing the precious moments of each morning with the joy of the perfect shave, and it is the promise of a shaving experience that is both exquisite and ecologically responsible.

Product Styling