the Wine collector, Cana Gent

Story of the wine collector

The vinous journey with Cana Gentlemen, a tale that unfolds around a passionate wine collector and his distinctive philosophy on the art of wine appreciation. For him, the world of wine is elegantly distilled into four distinct types: Classified, Social, Party, and Tasting โ€“ each meticulously curated for his special guests.

This brand narrative weaves together the rich tapestry of the collector’s love for wine, revealing a narrative where every bottle holds a bespoke experience tailored to the occasion and the individuals with whom it is shared. Cana Gentlemen stands at the intersection of classic luxury and contemporary flair, transforming the act of savoring wine into an artful expression of discernment and refinement.

Texture of the brand

In bringing the Cana Gentlemen brand to life visually, a meticulous fusion of classic and contemporary elements is employed. The graphic language is a harmonious blend of letterpress, opulent gold-foiling, and textured cardstock, meticulously woven throughout the stationary and wine packaging. This tactile and visual symphony encapsulates the essence of the brand, reflecting the nuanced layers of each wine type. The result is a cohesive and sophisticated visual identity that mirrors the depth and character found within the carefully selected wines curated by the Cana Gentlemen, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a sensorial journey of taste and refinement.