Heritage Museum website

Revitalizing Heritage: A Journey with TWGHs Records and Heritage Office

In collaboration with Tung Wah Museum, the design approach prioritized preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of TWGHs. As a pivotal entity in Hong Kong’s charitable landscape, TWGHs boasts a century-long commitment to community service and holds a vast repository of archives and relics.

Tung Wah Heritage Museum design layouts

Design process and outcome

The design process, focused on enhancing accessibility and engagement, meticulously crafted a website with improved readability and a captivating, image-driven interface. A strategic overhaul of the booking system, emphasizing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, transitioned museum tours and workshops into an effortless online booking experience, eliminating the hassle of phone reservations.

Tung Wah Heritage Museum overlay

Furthermore, the design extends to the e-commerce realm, transforming the museum’s online shop into a robust funding source. Tung Wah Museum, beyond being a repository of artifacts, serves as a beacon of cultural connection, linking the Chinese community worldwide. This collaboration has not only revitalized TWGHs’ digital presence but has also propelled it towards a pioneering role in local heritage preservation. The celebration of history unfolds with each click!